cg-seek [COMMIT_ID]


Takes the target commit ID to seek to as an argument. Seeking will bring the working tree from its current HEAD to a given commit. Note that it changes just the HEAD of the working tree, not the branch it is corresponding to. It will return to the HEAD of the appropriate branch if passed no arguments.

Therefore, for a quick excurse to the past of the master branch:

$ cg-seek git-pasky-0.1
$ cg-diff this master   # will do the correct thing
$ cg-seek               # will restore what we had before

For intuitiveness, specifying the branch name (cg-seek master) will do the right thing too. If you want to migrate your working tree to another branch, use cg-clone.


-h, --help

Print usage help.


Copyright © Petr Baudis, 2005


cg-seek command is part of cogito(7), a toolkit for managing git(1) trees.