cg-log [-c] [-f] [-m] [-s] [-uUSERNAME] [-r FROM_ID[:TO_ID]] FILE…


Display log information for files or a range of commits. The output will automatically be displayed in a pager unless it is piped to a program.


Arguments not interpreted as options will be interpreted as filenames; cg-log then displays only changes in those files.


Colorize to the output. The used colors are listed below together with information about which log output (summary, full or both) they apply to:

  • author: cyan (both)

  • committer: magenta (full)

  • header: green (full)

  • files: blue (full)

  • signoff: yellow (full)

  • commit_id: blue (summary)

  • date: green (summary)

  • trim_mark: magenta (summary)


List affected files. (No effect when passed along -s.)


Limit the log information to a set of revisions using either -r FROM_ID[:TO_ID] or -r FROM_ID -r TO_ID. In both cases the option expects IDs which resolve to commits and will include the specified IDs. If TO_ID is omitted all commits from FROM_ID to the initial commit is shown. If no revisions is specified, the log information starting from HEAD will be shown.


End the log listing at the merge base of the -r arguments (defaulting to HEAD and origin).


Show a one line summary for each log entry. The summary contains information about the commit date, the author, the first line of the commit log and the commit ID. Long author names and commit IDs are trimmed and marked with an ending tilde (~).


List only commits where author or committer contains USERNAME. The search for USERNAME is case-insensitive.

-h, --help

Print usage help.



The pager to display log information in, defaults to less.


Flags to pass to the pager. By default R and S is added to the LESS environment variable to allow displaying of colorized output and to avoid long lines from wrapping when using -s.


To show a log of changes between two releases tagged as releasetag-0.9 and releasetag-0.10 do:

$ cg-log -r releasetag-0.9:releasetag-0.10


Copyright © Petr Baudis, 2005. Copyright © David Woodhouse, 2005.


cg-log command is part of cogito(7), a toolkit for managing git(1) trees.