cg-admin-uncommit [-t] [COMMIT_ID]


Takes a commit ID which is the earliest commit to be removed from the repository. If no parameter is passed, it uncommits the latest commit (HEAD). Read the CAVEATS section before using it for the first time.



This optional parameter makes cg-admin-uncommit to roll back the tree as well to the previous commit. Without this option (by default) Cogito keeps the tree in its current state, therefore generating tree with local changes against the target commit, consisting of the changes in the rolled back commits.

-h, --help

Print usage help.


This command can be dangerous! It is safe to do as long as you do not push the commit out in the meantime, but you should NEVER uncommit an already pushed out commit. Things will break for the pullers since you just broke the fast-forward merging mechanism (the new commit is not descendant of the previous one). The future push scripts will refuse to push after you uncommitted a pushed out commit, too. At the moment you pushed the commit out it's etched to history, live with that.


Copyright © Matt Porter, 2005 Copyright © Petr Baudis, 2005


cg-admin-uncommit command is part of cogito(7), a toolkit for managing git(1) trees.