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The HDAPS driver provides a "joystick" interface. There currently does not exist a JoystickProxy usable for client programs so the main goal of this driver is to expose the "joystick" interface so that virtual drivers can take robots may use it.

This driver is still experimental. Due to problems to get the Linux HDAPS driver module to work it has not been tested. To test it use the player/hdaps-scorpion.cfg configuration file together with the playerjoy program, which maps "joystick" commands to "position2d" commands.

Compile-time dependencies

The driver provides the following device interfaces:

Supported configuration requests

Configuration file options

	name "hdaps"
  	plugin "libhdaps"
	provides ["joystick:0"]


Jonas Fonseca <fonseca@diku.dk>

Bue Petersen <buep@diku.dk>

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